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About CENN


CENN - Caucasus Environmental NGO Network - is a non-governmental regional organization established in 1998 and specialized in the fields of civil societydevelopment and institutional strengthening, environmental research and policy, resources management, compliance management, and communication and environment.


Since its establishment, CENN has worked at the local, national and regional levels in the Caucasus region. CENN believes in networking and cooperation in the context of environmental issues. We already have a serious record of joint activities and projects implemented regionally, where all the three South Caucasus countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia - participated equally to find the solutions to local and regional environmental problems.


With 5 offices throughout the South Caucasus region and 30 full Discover canvas bags as comfortable and practical alterative! You will contribute in the reduction of plastic bags and the protection of environment. Make Tbilisi a cleaner, nicer and healthier place to live, by just being fashionable and carrying your reusable canvas bag when you go shopping! time staff members, CENN has the capability, experience and commitment to providing a   service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality. CENN has around 10 years' experience in delivering modern solutions for public and business sectors as well as communities, assisting them in managing their environment-related risks and helping them to achieve competitive advantage through improved environmental and social performance.


Our mission is to foster modern and sustainable development values and practices through bridging society and environment. We strive to build a strong and responsible civil society, good governance and accountable business to safeguard our environment and improve people’s life.


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