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J What You Should Know about Plastic Bags: Use this resource to learn about the environmental attributes of plastic bags, sound policy options for reducing bag-related waste, and tips on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic bags.


L Kenya: Plastic Bags: Convenience Costing the Earth


J Various articles on plastic bags from the New York Times.



J Recycled plastic bag bangles from Great Green Goods!


J From Australia to the U.K., and all across the U.S., politicians and corporations are pondering banning or taxing plastic bags.



J PLASTIC shopping bags may be banned from Australia by the end of the year, under plans being considered by Environment Minister Peter Garrett.



J The Chinese government is banning shops from handing out free plastic bags from June 2008.



J Starting from March of 2008, the hypermarket Goodwill is selling reusable canvas bags at a discount price.


J By a 10-1 Board of Supervisorsí vote, San Francisco became the first major American city to ban the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags by supermarkets, drug stores and other large retailers.


L The problem with plastic bags isn't just where they end up, it's that they never seem to end.