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What is green bag?

Plastic bags -

  are they really free?


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Say NO today!


You can contribute to making the Earth a better place to live - not only for yourself but for all living creatures as well as for future generations. You can do so by just shopping responsibly and saying no to plastic bags every time you can afford this. So, what you need to do is:

  • Believe that your can make a difference.

  • Remember that the piece of plastic you grabbed in the shop yesterday may kill or harm an innocent animal tomorrow.

  • Know that you are not alone on the planet.

  • Acquire a couple of reusable bags for shopping and always take them along.

  • Think twice before taking a plastic bag in case you forgot your bag home. Something could fit in your handbag, other things could be put together in one bag, and still other things might be better carried without any bag at all.

  • Try to reuse plastic bags as many times as possible if you occasionally happen to be forced to take them from the shop.

  • Tell your friends that it is not that hard to say NO to plastic bags.

  • Share with your friends how good it feels to know that you are caring for our planet.

  • Show your friends how cool and fashionable a reusable bag can be.



To help you to go green and fashionable, CENN has designed  this beautiful Green Bag for you. You can buy it at the Hypermarket Goodwill for 6 GEL.