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What is a Green Bag?


The Green Bag is a reusable canvas bag that will help you to say NO to ugly plastic bags, be kind to the environment and go green.


A lot of plastic bags are used at all retail outlets in Georgia, and many times when it is unnecessary. They only serve a short-term purpose of carrying goods from shops to home, while their lifespan can last somewhere between 15 and 1,000 years. Plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade - break down into smaller and smaller toxic particles contaminating the soil and waterways. The increased number of plastic bags is a real tragedy for Tbilisi and other urban areas. A large number of plastic bags either end up in dumpsites serving frequently as “lunch” for livestock, or get burnt thus exposing residents of the city to a health danger, or are scattered around everywhere.

To reduce the use of plastic bags, CENN has launched a pilot project "Discover Alternatives! Say NO to Plastic Bags!". The  campaign is the first attempt in Georgia to speak about the harm of plastic bags and to remind consumers of existing alternatives.

Discover canvas bags as comfortable and practical alterative to single use plastic bags! You can make Tbilisi a cleaner, nicer and healthier place to live by just being fashionable and carrying your reusable canvas bag when you go shopping!


The Green Bag is a wonderful opportunity for you to:

  • be fashionable,

  • go green, and

  • shop responsibly.